Tuesday, June 10, 2014


So Far Not Feeling Totally Sociopathic Today

It’s how many gas stops to the next city. It’s not knowing what time zone you’re in. It’s filthy bathrooms. It’s that ringing in your ears. It’s listening to that tick and wondering if your motor is going to explode before you get home. It’s sleeping behind dumpsters. It’s racing rain clouds. It’s hiding under overpasses when you lose that race. It’s shit beer in a can. It’s whiskey in flasks. It’s splitting lanes and riding on the shoulder. It’s wheelies and burn outs. It’s sleeping on sidewalks. It’s that pain behind your shoulder blades. It’s wobbly legs and numb hands. It’s bungee cords and ratchet straps. It’s zip ties and bailing wire. It’s chain lube and lock tight. It’s tool rolls and spare parts. It’s vests, hoodies, and dirty jeans. It’s grease under your nails. It’s naps under trees. It’s riding two up. It’s feeling like you’ve been there before. It’s tarps and sleeping bags. It’s riding through the night. It’s wet socks, and boots that take days to dry. It’s flat tires and burnt out bulbs. It’s falling in love with everyone. It’s stories from old men (and women) at random bars. It’s flashlights in mouths. It’s rewiring headlights on the side of the highway. It’s weird sun tan lines. It’s long hauls and close calls. It’s a tour of gas stations and coffee shops. It’s strip clubs and dirt bags. It’s pocket knives and carabiners. It’s camp fires and tall tales. It’s new friends. It’s old friends. It’s being reborn. It’s feeling alive. It’s true freedom… ~Dave Buchanan

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