Wednesday, May 08, 2013


It is of my humble opinion that there is no bad time for pancakes.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fez Monkey

The Fez Monkey recently spotted in NYC dive bar shithouse.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


I only ever knew one Grand Mother, with my Mother's, Mother dying in child birth eons before I was even thought of. This left me with "Peg" not that you could call her that, and most of me thinks it's disrespectful anyway to call an elder by their name, especially a nickname.
More to the point I've been feeling a bit under the weather and this somehow made me think of a nice cuppa and how Grandma made it, very light and sweet, I drink it this way to this day. I remember long afternoons in Keego trying to contain a small child's energy while my Grand Father and Father watched golf, and Grandma made Sunday dinner, no your weren't allowed in the kitchen unless you were a woman.
This then sent me thinking about what do I really remember other than factual data. The answer is, well not much. My Father had fantastical stories of her that I guess flushed her out as being a person to me. My Mother, who would be first to admit she was not Peg's favorite person, has since told me I was treated by Grandma with something akin to scorn or contempt.
I guess I will never know these things until we meet again. Oh and what do I remember for certain Grandma's hands, even when I was very young they appeared like Keith Richards hands, large beaten yet leathery smooth, you knew by looking they had seen long miles.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Tried

I was thinking all day about coming in here and splilling about what happened to my marriage, you know all the gory details. But damn it still hurts a little too much. Check with me in a few days...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lest we forget

God Speed Challenger

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ink A Bink A Bottle Of Ink

It's old Sailor Jerry flash we changed the top heart to be all black to cover up a "13" I got on tour in Montreal about 15 years ago, and well it looked like urine and paint chips.
The artist and I both want to put something in the star, ideas anyone?
I think the whole sleeve is going to be traditional Sailor Jerry type stuff.
I want one above it first but I should probably cover the one on the side first. Jerry has a nice octopus that would do that nicely.

This is the next one unless I go with the cover up Octopus first, might even be tomorrow, well hopefully.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Years before he gets over it

Lyrics | Wilco lyrics

No way not to sound like an ass but I think it would be real difficult for someone that has never spent a Thanksgiving at a truck stop in the middle of Iowa, strung out and lonely with 9 or 10 of your friends around you to really get what Tweedy is on about.

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Thing

ZOMBIE ZOMBIE Driving Clip Simon Gesrel Xavier Ehretsmann
Uploaded by JeanCarpentier

Damn good video, an grat homage to John Carpenter and "The Thing"

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Something Sad

I had to spew all that bile first, it's been a long time coming and needed to be done.
The wife and I went out today and stopped into a Value Village, (well because where is a guy like me gonna find T-shirts that don't cost an arm).
I was perusing the fine fine offerings when an older guy behind me fell flat out. Another dude started chest compressions and I straightened out his neck to open his airway, then checked him for a Med alert bracelet.
He had a good sized goose egg from the fall. At first it looked like a stroke, but if it was it was massive. Then Diabetes flashed in my mind, I think I was trying to put off the inevitable, that it was a huge heartattack.
They got EMS there pretty fast.
Me and the other guy turned the discussion of the chest compressions, he would pump, then the man would take a couple of breathes on his own then stop.
I got Barbie out of there when EMS shocked him and got nothing but a flat line.
What a way and what a place to go...
God speed

Fuck John Keogh

Yeah you heard me, fuck John Keogh fuck him up his stupid ass.
He is the kind of man my late Father would affectionately refer to as
"A Fucking Cocksucker".
And that is putting it lightly.
How he managed not to get Fragged in Iraq is just beyond me, he would of woke up with a grenade pillow 30 years ago in Vietnam, especially with his bossy, better than you bullshit attitude, like some wet behind the ears 1st. lieutenant.
I'm sure I will think of more vile things about this walking bossy waste of food and heat.
Hey John, Sig Heil, your from Grosse Pointe they still have the Kriegsmarine right?
Oh yeah don't bother with threats etc. the blog is set to adult content, and quite frankly my employer doesn't give a shit about you or your connections in D.C. , your in a big pond and those decisions are way over your overbearing ways and shitty 4 year old attitude.
It will be a good life if I never see you again.

Guzzi Buzzi

Yes do to popular demand and a cool ass bike, Guzzi is going to sell this fucker in the States.
45bhp @ 2800
It's not a superbike but it will apparently hit 90 before the upright position makes it uncomfortable.
It's going to go for a little under 8k which ain't bad.
If it was mine those fenders would be gone right quick and some lower bars, and maybe lower it a bit but that's the crazy dumbass in me.
Read more here.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sweet Baby Jeebus

So there is this place called Bent Bike in Lynnwood WA.
I walk in yesterday
and I'm staring down the barrel of a 71' Triumph Tiger 650
Birth year bike
not too bad.
I would of course immediately pull the engine to rebuild and then slam it into a hard frame for a nice cool Bobber.
So I'm broke as a joke, you all see that motorcycle fund pay pal button, anything to get me that bike, slave for a week, sure.
Father your children, I would have to run by the wife, it would most likely have to be artificial insemination.
But at the least I would eventually pay everyone back, and if your not on the otherside of the world I'll even take you for a ride when it's done.
Yup I have been forced to begging, I have been partially aroused since I saw this bike yesterday.

How could you possibly deny this handsome young man his dream?

Or deny this dear beautiful child the chance to ride on her Fathers Triumph Bobber?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I have a lot but no time

I really have weeks of garbage to catch up on but, it's a sunny day in November and I'm going riding with the BIR, screw you East Coast, motorcycle away for the winter bullshit.
We did get to see a seal in the bay this morning, me at first being for all intents and purposes city folk thought it was the Loch Fuckin' Ness Monster.
But the look on the kids face was priceless, I'm so happy she can stand on the deck of the house and see stuff like that.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Tired of talking about at irrational Nazi bastards,
see you in about a week on the 4th.
you and your kind will be roundly beaten and made
to look like the bottom feeding scum that you are.
now more importantly
we are moving yet again
this time up to Tulalip Bay
Fresnel if you google map it, 4th house on Mission ave. on the Bay side.
Here is what I get to see every morning and night.

You are all just a bunch of jealous Mofo's now aren't ya?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Man up or Quit Bitching

That pretty much sums it up.
If you have a problem with me you have my email, why are you so afraid to contact me? Is the truth really that scary?
All I have stated is my opinion and a little bit of hear say.
I have nothing to hide
and I am blessed to be an American and by virtue of the 1st. Amendment, to the United States Constitution. I am free to express my opinion, be it on a blog, a street corner, the press, in the form of a book, hell any medium I can think of I am free to express my opinion in it.
Well good god damn if that ain't a pickle of a quandary.
That darn 1st. amendment is a cruel bitch of a double edged sword huh?
Are you really so vain to think in the whole wide world of interwebs that a shit ton of people are looking at this little ol' blog?
Do you think those hits from different countries etc. is anything more than you, telling people to go look at this outrage?
You fool.
You damn ignorant fool.
With your privileged upbringing it ruffles your feathers when poor little untermensch like me express an opinion.
Sorry but when I see bullshit I call bullshit.
And to stoop so low as to extenuate that my daughter reads my blog is absurd, I monitor what my daughter is allowed to see and do on her computer.
I'm tired of this.
If you got problems with me get a hold of me.
Just for good measure.

Fuck You Nazi Scum (NSFW)

I won't use any names I know they know I mean them.
I will stress again this is my opinion about the case at hand.
Firstly anyone who puts themselves into the public domain knowingly
is open to public criticism period...
I've already said I only took the previous post down as a favor for my friend.
But it sure is easy to see how fast things move around the interwebs.
Before I took that post down I got hits from Saudi Arabia, New Delhi,Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq.
That's not to mention all the spikes from the east coast, Virgina, D.C., some places in Georgia Florida, and some from Kansas. Fucking weird.
Now what follows is completely hearsay
It was brought to my attention that a comment was made about my employer and how they would feel about the content of my personal blog.
This is how easy it easy for my employer to look at my blog. BOEING
There ya go they will now take a peak.
If you would like to speak to an ethic's adviser please feel free to contact me and I will furnish you with the ethics hotline phone number.
But for the most part as long as I am not talking specifically about my work or talking about things that have any proprietary value, or that are export sensitive, they don't give a shit about what I post on MY PERSONAL BLOG.
so something like this.

Is not really an issue.
What is that did someone drip Elmers glue on that young lady?
What is that at the very bottom of the frame? It looks like the tip of something.
The young lady in question has expressed to myself and others that she enjoys this.
the only thing she enjoys more is swallowing.
If I were the people that shall not be named
I would be more concerned about this

and stuff like this

But hey that's just my opinion.

Monday, October 06, 2008

I've Been Waiting Fuckin' Years For This

the only reason this post is for all intents and purposes
Is that it could have been holding up a "settlement"
for my partner and dear friend.
It is the humble narrators opinion
that "settlement" to one man = "hush money" to another.
Let me stress again this is my blog and my opinion.
It is not everyday that you see me tuck tail, it is only happening now as a favor for my friend.
All that being said, that friend is often mistaken for a Nazi
and if viewed from behind and slightly above he looks like a hard on
Well I guess the old city slickers beat us low bred country folk didn't they, what wait????I do what for a living?
Thank you and I hope I can count on your Blue vote this November, Junky in 08

Monday, September 22, 2008

An Anniversery and a million other things

As of Sept. 15th. we done been hitched for a year,
we went out for a little meal at a place called Boston's outside of Seattle strange no?

How my name does not have a Mick in it I will never know.

When you've been with a woman since her child was 1 and a half, she gets to go out for your anniversary as well.
The best part I think is a few months ago the every lovely dog Vladi ate my wedding gift to Barbie, a cute little coach wallet. She has sulked every day since.
Well we found a Coach store in the lovely Alderwood Mall that had 1 left (you see it was last years model, don't you know).
This made everything ok, especially since I forgot a card.
Then today I made a dentist appointment to get a tooth yanked on her birthday, smart man I am.

We went down town to the Twinline ride and BBQ
We didn't stay long just long enough to know I want them to restore my CL if I ever get it out here they do mad crazy work, check out the website hit the google because I'm feeling lazy.
So anyway we split and went over to Vashon Island again so the girls could see it.
These cat's with the wagon were funny they were just hanging out by the dragster and drinking beer, good folk.
Oh almost forgot a TT is Tavern to Tavern, but the Vashon TT really is a poker run (get a map get to a spot, draw a card, best hand at the end wins).
Wins what I don't know because if it weren't for bad luck I wouldn't have any at all.
wokka, wokka.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vashon TT

Went and ran the Vashon Island TT race last Sunday and some photographer was documenting what she felt the TT was about and I got picked.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Take On The Olypmics

My feelings about the "Games"
The only thing they left out...
Making Monks and Nuns
fuck in the street.
Fuck China, fuck them up their stupid asses.

NYC Chinese Consulate Projection Action 08.07.08 from Students for a Free Tibet on Vimeo.